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Chippenham history has a new home

Thank you for visiting this site. You can now find information about the Chippenham history project on : 


Wiltshire Victoria County History Trust has been supporting the latest research on Chippenham  and its surrounding villages for several years now.  For much of that time, these My Chippenham web pages have provided news and updates on the project, and links to the research findings. The Trust is now expanding its research activities to other parts of the County. It has therefore developed  a new Wiltshire-wide web site which will showcase the the Chippenham project alongside the new studies. The new site is:  


Please take a look. There you will find all the current information about the Trust and its work, including the Chippenham project, and  future news and reports.   There will be no further updates to the My Chippenham site from now, November 2020. 

We hope you have enjoyed your visits to this site and will continue to connect with us via the new web pages. As we leave this site, we would like to extend our warm thanks to all who have made it possible, including our local sponsors - Wavin plc, Chippenham Town Council and  Wiltshire Council's Chippenham Area Board.  Also to the Heritage Lottery Fund and Wiltshire Council Calne Area Board who have generously supported the Bremhill project - which will in turn produce the Bremhill chapter of the eventual Chipppenham volume.  

Chris Caswill, Wiltshire VCH Trustee, November 23 2020