Volunteer Officer vacancies

Vacancies for Wiltshire County History (VCH) Trust Honorary Officers

Wiltshire VCH Trust will shortly have vacancies for two interesting and important roles, Secretary and Treasurer. All members and officers of the Trust hold unpaid, honorary positions.

Honorary Secretary

The current Hon. Secretary to the Trust, Keith Strickland, is stepping down next March. We are looking for a volunteer to continue Keith’s valuable work, which is central to the smooth and efficient running of meetings of the Trust and its two main sub groups. The Hon. Secretary works with the Chair, David Moss, in preparing agendas for the four Trust meetings a year, takes and writes up concise meeting Minutes, and helps ensure business is conducted in accordance with the Trust’s constitution. The Hon Secretary also supports meetings of the two main sub groups, which have responsibilities for the Trust research projects and fundraising.  Meeting skills, including minute writing, are important, and some experience of governance in the charity sector, or similar, would be helpful.   Our new Secretary will have the chance to participate fully in the work of a very active Trust and contribute to advances in our understanding of Wiltshire history.

Honorary Treasurer

We are also looking for a new Treasurer to replace James Holden, who is stepping aside from that role to concentrate on chairing the Trust’s Project Group. Accountancy for the Trust is straightforward and based on simple spreadsheets so the work is not demanding, though it does require good attention to detail and reasonable comfort in working with numbers. In return, our new Treasurer will have the satisfaction of playing a key role in the further development of the Wiltshire VCH project.

If you are interested in either role, we offer an informal conversation with David Moss, the Chair of the Trust.  You can contact David either by phone on 01225 863946 or by email to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.